Last week the Government made its long awaited announcement on what its future plans are for the Private Rented Sector. Contained within its 'Levelling up' White Paper were a number of new measure which will affect landlords. The Government has outlined its intention to abolish the so called 'no fault eviction' process which is currently available to landlords who wish to end the tenancy. They want to give greater security to tenants and prevent landlords from evicting them without any reason.  This abolition of section 21 notices is likely to be included in the forthcoming Renters Reform Bill  which is expected to be coming out in Spring. A National Landlord Register is also proposed, with the aim of driving out rogue landlords who are renting out sub standard properties. Linked to this is the introduction of a new  'Decent Homes' standard. This will provide a minimum property standard that all rented property will have to meet in order for it to be let out to tenants. The Government are taking a strategic view setting out a 10 year time frame for these measures to have an impact. These measures will undoubtedly have a major impact on landlords and we will be providing regular updates as more information becomes available