Currently if a landlord wishes to serve a Section 21 and evict a tenant, they have to give the tenant 6 months notice, pre-pandemic this was 2 months notice.

The government have now announced that the current 6 month notice period will be reduced to 4 months from 1st June 2021. It is also expected that the notice period will return to pre-pandemic levels of 2 months by 1st October 2021.


What does this mean for me?

As a landlord, if you wish to regain possession of your property, you only need to give the tenants 4 months notice (from June 1st) as opposed to the 6 months you have to give at the moment.

As a tenant, if your landlord wishes to regain possession of their property and evict you, they need to give at least 4 months notice (from June 1st).