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The Government is bringing in more legislation through 2018 which will impact on the Lettings market. Landlord's need to be aware of the areas that may affect them. 

1  Pre October 2015 tenancies

The new rules regarding serving a section 21 notice which were brought in on 1st October 2015 will apply to ALL tenancies from 1st October 2018, including those that were started before 1st October 2015. Failure to comply with these rules will mean a section 21 notice cannot be served.

2  A minimum EPC rating for all rented properties

From 1st April 2018  all privately rented property must have an EPC rating of at least category E and above.

3  New Data Protection Regulations are coming into force

From 25th May 2018 all personal data kept by organisations and individuals (including landlords) will be subject to the requirements of the new Regulations. These are much more onerous than the current regulations and contravention can result in a heavy fine.

4  Banning orders for Landlords and Letting Agents

The legislation allowing these orders to be made has now been passed and a database of Rogue landlords and Letting Agents will be introuduced from 6th April 2018. This will contain details of any landlords and agents subject to banning orders.

We will look into all these areas in more detail in future blogs and explain how they will impact on landlords and their properties.



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