Selling a house can be extremely stressful and overwhelming but it is also an exciting time too. CB Estates are here to make everything a little bit easier for you, take the stress away and save you money whilst providing a great service.


  • Making the decision

There are lots of different reasons for moving to a new house – relocating to a different area, upsizing due to expanding your family or wanting to cash in on your properties value, whatever the reason CB Estates are here to help.

First do the maths. See what you will need to budget for. How much is your home worth? How much is left on the mortgage? How much is the new property that suits your needs? And how much are removal and any hidden costs?

Once you have made your mind up its time to contact an estate agent. CB Estates will appoint a dedicated property manager to give a free valuation and discuss the best ways to sell your home.

  • How will I sell my property?

You will need an agent who knows the area, will give you an honest, realistic valuation and provide a strategy of how to sell your home.

Setting the price to high could risk there being no offers and too low could lose you money. The price you put your property on the market for depends on the local market conditions and how quickly you want to sell.

Choosing an agent is your next important step, and why not support a local agent with great knowledge of the area with a person at the end of the phone.

If you choose CB Estates we will arrange professional photography, floorplans, your property being advertised on Zoopla which gets millions of hits a day and that is all alongside a great customer service and a friendly face.

  • Energy Performance Certificate

An EPC provides information on your home’s energy use and grades how efficient your home is. This also contains any recommendations or improvements that could be made to reduce your energy consumption.

This is a legal requirement for all homes before they are marketed.

The certificate is valid for 10 years and CB Estates can point you in the right direction to get this done.

  • Prepare the home for viewings

De clutter the house and get any outstanding maintenance jobs resolved. Make sure the front of the property looks good as first impressions are everything.

If you have pets make sure you get rid of any odours or pet hairs before any viewings take place.

It is recommended to make the property feel homely by baking bread, putting a fire on or lighting candles. It may also be a good idea to not be at the property so the viewers can have a good look around at everything.

With CB Estates we will ask the potential buyers for feedback so you will be aware of any minor changes to make.

  • Received an offer, what next?

Congratulations, this is great news. But first is this the offer you wanted? Are you willing to accept the offer? If it is less than what you wanted are you willing to hold out or do you think this is the best you will get?

Our dedicated Property Manager can help you negotiate with the buyer and once you are happy you will need to formally accept, and your property will be removed from the market.


  • Appointing a solicitor

A solicitor is required to deal with the legal side of the sale and transfer everything from you to the buyer.

You may already have a solicitor but if not, CB Estates can pass you a recommendation.

Solicitor fees can vary, some can be fixed, and some can vary with the price of the property. Make sure you are clear on all prices before you go ahead.


  • Filling out the forms

Once you have instructed your solicitor you will be given a big pile of forms and questionnaires to fill out. This provides your buyer with all the information needed.

There is a general questionnaire which includes information about sewage, boundaries, neighbour disputes, utilities, and council tax.

Another form includes fixtures and fittings where you list everything that will be staying in the property. It might be worth digging out all the warranties you have for these items.

A final form sets out arrangements for handing over the property.


  • Drawing up the contracts

It is important to keep in the back of your head that until your property has exchanged, nothing is guaranteed.

The time between accepting an offer to exchange and completion can be around 6-8 weeks, sometimes longer. Some properties go through faster if you have a keen buyer and an efficient solicitor.

Your solicitor should always keep you informed and if you choose CB Estates, we also chase this process and keep you updated.


  • Exchange and completion

Once all the paperwork is done it is time to exchange. The buyer and seller are now legally committed to going ahead with the deal and could lose money by pulling out.

If you are part of a chain the solicitors will make sure everyone is happy and willing to proceed before exchanging contracts.

Once exchanged a date of completion is agreed.

Completion is when the property changes ownership and the keys are handed over.


  • Moving out

The day has finally come and ideally you have booked a couple of days off to move.

The longer notice you give a removal company the more you can negotiate the price as costs depend on how much you must move and where you are moving.

Do all the household admin, notify anyone who needs to know the change of address, give final readings to the utility companies, and cancel any policies.

Label all boxes and get rid of anything you don’t need.


If you are interested in selling your property with CB Estates, please call us on 01752 917458.