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A Government working group set up to examine electrical safety in the private rented sector has recommended a number of measures which should be introduced, one of which is mandatory 5 yearly electrical checks. At the moment, it is not compulsory for Landlords to carry out a test of the electrical installation in their properties, although many do. The report makes a number of recommendations:

An electrical safety check must be carried out every 5 years

Visual checks of the electrical installation by landlords should be encouraged as good practice

A report should be issued to landlords confirming that an EICR has been completed with confirmation all remedial works have been carried out. A copy should be issued to the tenant at the start of the tenancy

The installation of residual current devices  (RCD's) should be encouraged as good practice

These requirements should be phased in beginning with new tenancies

At this stage these are only recommendations, which will be put forward to the Housing Minister. However, given the current will of the Government to increase regulation on the private rented sector and the recent Grenfell Tower disaster it is highly likely that these proposals will be implemented in the near future. 


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